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  • campervan hire booking
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  • 4WD and 4x4 Hire Australia
  • Over 150,000 Stories & Counting...
  • One Month of Mayhem!
  • Stress Less Baby!
  • Cheap Transport & Accommodation!
  • We Believe in the Experience!
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    	Campervan Hire Australia & New Zealand - Wicked Campers
    		Book Now	
    			Online Check-in			
    		Hire Policies & Conditions	
    		Price Beat Guarantee	
    		Hire a Wicked 4x4	
    		Cheap Car Rental	
    		Cheap Campervan Hire	
    		Wicked Campers Australia	
    		Iconic Campervan 	
    		Premium Campervan 	
    		Premium 2-Seater Hi-Top 	
    		Zeppelin 3-Seater 	
    		Fantastic 5-Seater 	
    		High Five Camper 	
    		Family Tourer 5-Seater 	
    		Foxy Lady 9-Seater 	
    		LSD Machine 12-Seater 	
    		Cars & Mini Campers	
    		Cheap Car Hire 	
    		Mini Camper 2 	
    		Mini Camper 3 	
    		Premium 4WD Hire Range	
    		4WD FJ Cruiser 	
    		4WD Premium Cabin King 	
    		4WD Rooftop Camper 	
    		Budget 4WD Hire Range	
    		Budget 4WD 2-Seater 	
    		Budget 4WD Cabin King 2 	
    		Budget AWD 5-Seater 	
    		Budget 4WD Cabin King 5 	
    		Wicked Specials	
    		Relocation Specials	
    		5% Off Tours and Activities	
    		Trip Ideas	
    		From Darwin	
    		Darwin to Adelaide/Melbourne	
    		Darwin to Alice	
    		Darwin to Broome	
    		Darwin to Perth	
    		Darwin to Sydney via Alice	
    		Kakadu & Litchfield	
    		From Perth	
    		Albany Loop	
    		Esperance & Kalgoorlie	
    		Monkey Mia	
    		Francois Peron National Park	
    		Perth to Exmouth Return	
    		Perth to Broome	
    		From Monkey Mia	
    		Francois Peron National Park	
    		From Adelaide	
    		Adelaide to Melbourne	
    		Kangaroo Island	
    		Port Lincoln	
    		Adelaide or Melbourne to Darwin	
    		From Brisbane	
    		Brisbane to Cairns	
    		Brisbane Loop	
    		Brisbane to Sydney	
    		From Cairns	
    		Cairns to Adelaide/Melbourne	
    		Cairns to Sydney	
    		Cape Tribulation	
    		From Alice Springs	
    		Alice to Adelaide	
    		Ayers Rock Loop	
    		From Sydney	
    		Blue Mountains Loop	
    		Sydney to Brisbane	
    		Sydney to Cairns	
    		Sydney to Darwin via Alice	
    		From Broome	
    		Broome to Perth	
    		Broome to Darwin	
    		From Melbourne	
    		Great Ocean Road	
    		Melbourne to Adelaide	
    		Melbourne or Adelaide to Darwin	
    		Melbourne to Cairns	
    		From Hobart	
    		Tour Tasmania	
    		Fraser Island 4WD Hire	
    		Fraser Island 4WD Hire 2-Seaters	
    		Fraser Island 4WD Hire 3-8 Seaters	
    		New South Wales	
    		Byron Bay	
    		Airlie Beach	
    		Northern Territory	
    		Alice Springs	
    		South Australia	
    		Western Australia	
    		Monkey Mia	
    		Wicked Worldwide		
    		Wicked Campers New Zealand		
    		Wicked Campers UK & Europe		
    		Wicked Campers Canada & USA		
    		Wicked Campers South America		
    		Wicked Campers Africa		
    		Wicked Campers Japan		
    		Contact Us	
    		Jobs at Wicked	
    		Customer Feedback	
    		Press Release 2015	
    			Travel Shop			

    SlideShow Home

    Hiring a campervan or a cheap car is a great way to holiday and you see Australia from the campervan of a home on the road.

    Cheap Campervan Rental

    We try to keep our prices cheap baby - so you see more and spend less. If you find a cheaper campervan, car or 4WD Hire deal anywhere, let us know and we'll try to beat the shit out of it! Life's better in a Wicked Van anyway...


    4WD and 4x4 Hire Australia

    Get off the boring sealed roads and see some dirt baby! Wicked Campers offer 4WD hire vehicles and AWD's at super cheap daily rates from 11 locations around Australia (including Darwin, Broome & Alice Springs!). Tackle the Gibb River Road, explore Kakadu and Litchfield or head off into the Outback in your own 4WD Rental!


    Over 150,000 Stories & Counting...

    What's your story? Share your story and pics with us and the best one every month will win a sexy prize! Wicked Campers have been hiring their campervans for over 15 years in over 20 countries around the world and seen more white lines than Charlie Sheen...


    One Month of Mayhem!

    Take a trip to remember baby! Save a heap on long hires and One Way campervan trips, we've got 30-Day campervan rental packages from only $2299, no more to pay...


    Stress Less Baby!

    No charge for minor dings & scratches on our Iconic range of campervans! See more and stress less - trust me you'll live longer. Hire a Wicked Camper today and become instantly more appealing to animals, various forms of flora and of course, the opposite sex...



    Cheap Transport & Accommodation!

    Save at least $5 million dollars on accommodation while in Australia! How?! Hire a Wicked Camper! Park by the beach, on a mountain or in front of a woolworths - whatever man, you can have a million dollar view for peanuts baby!


    We Believe in the Experience!

    Our campervans are sexier than a hatful of strippers - call us today for a free quote or book online. We're open in 16 Rental Locations across Australia and New Zealand, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Darwin! Wicked Campers...now 100% Gluten Free.


    Book Online & Save up to 12% on your hire! Use Promo Code: STONED

    Discount on Daily Rate.1-14 Day Hires receive 5% Discount.15+ Days receive 12% Discount. Valid for Australian Hires only.

    Check Out Our Campers...

    Thinking of hiring a campervan, 4WD or car? Come on down baby, Wicked Campers are the sexiest cowboys on the farm!

    Campervan Hire 40 Awesome Roadtrip Ideas Australia

    Thinking of hiring a campervan with Wicked Campers? Well Check out Johnny Feelgood's range of set-price Campervan Packages around Australia! Campervan Rental has never been so freaky - and with 13 locations around Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns, Darwin & Hobart - Wicked let's you get your freak on everywhere baby!

    Mini Camper Hire - Save Fuel Baby!

    Thinking of hiring a campervan with Wicked Campers? Well check out our Minicampers! Cuter than a baby in a puppy costume – these little badboys are awesome!!! Campervan Hire just got cheaper and sexier... blammo! Save a tonne on fuel and accommodation – we’ve made our cars liveable!!! Choose from Minicamper 5-seater / 3-sleepers vehicle hire or the cosy 2-sleeper models for the kinky couples! Wicked Campervan Hire in Australia - available for Under 21's and sexy people. Spend less on fuel and more on cool shit - like shoe-bongs!

    4WD & AWD Hire Australia

    Wicked Campers have a massive range of 4WD and AWD Hire options! Get dirtier than an old man on a Thai vacation - our 4WD & AWD Rental options let you get out onto the unsealed roads and see more, including the Gibb River Road, Mereenie Loop, Cape Tribulation and more. Wicked Campers rent and hire 4WD / AWD Vehicles in Darwin, Cairns, Perth, Alice Springs, Broome, Exmouth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Book online or call us today dudes 1800 24 68 69.

    Relocation Specials

    Are you a tight-ass? Looking to save a heap on your Campervan hire adventure in Australia? Well set your glazzies on these mighty fine campervan relocation specials. Available all around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Broome, Alice Springs, Cairns, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Adelaide, these campervan relocation specials don't last, so get in quick and give our campervan roadtrip planner a call on 1800 24 68 69!

    Campervan Rental for Drivers Under 21

    Under 21 and want to rent a Car or Campervan? Well look no further than these super cheap car & campervan hire deals available right across Australia - including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns! Cheap as a hooker at a bus stop!!! This is one hell of a deal baby – all Campervan & Car Rentals from only $19.99 per day on the East Coast! And yes – all you sexy little Under 21’s can hire a cheap camper as well! WoohooooOOO!!!

    Wicked Campers Price Beat Guarantee

    Hire a Wicked Found cheaper campervan hire with someone else?Well tell Wicked Campers baby and we’ll beat the shit outta their price and give you a further 10% Off!!! Wicked Saves! We always give our customers the breast value and the breast experience – so get your nipples into a Wicked van today! Speaking of nipples - have you seen anyone with 3 nipples? That would be so awesome - like that chick from Total Recall. Sweet. Hiring a Campervan in Australia? Make it a wicked camper baby...

    Check Prices > Manage Your Booking > Live Chat > Skype Call > FAQ's Page > Minimum Hire Campervan hire Bookings Campervan hire Discounts Campervan Village Sitemap

    Wicked Campers - Discount Camper Rentals, Australia : ABN 35 640 465 643

    Freecall in Oz :: 1800 24 68 69 | International :: +61 7 3333 2028 | SMS :: +61 438 096 250 | FAX :: +61 7 4222 1077

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